Every so often, I gain new clients who have already built up their web presence and marketing profile using the services of Yell, and from personal experience working with these clients, there is serious drawbacks from using Yell if you are developing your online presence as a valid and robust marketing tool for your business.

Having dealt with Yell representatives directly through some of my customers here is a short list of red flags you should be aware of if planning to invest in your business and grow your customers through Yell:

Rented Space

The biggest red flag for me as a web designer is that any website built by Yell for your company is merely rented space. You do not own the domain name or the digital files that make up your website.

If you ever decide to move away from Yell and find a new provider, you lose your domain name and content, starting from scratch. This also includes having to re-brand business vehicles, stationary, create new email addresses, adverts, and growing online interest and trust in the search engines with a new domain.

Recycled Templates & Copy

Yell customers do not get a unique design, or any unique features for their websites. Generic templates are recycled endlessly.

Search engines, especially Google love fresh content. With Yell not only is the design recycled, often the copy is recycle too! Often the only change is the name of the company and where it operates.

This duplicate content across many domains could be a significant harm to your website and online promotion attempts

You can test this for your self by searching Google using “Web Design by Yell” then add your industry type.

Who are your potential customers?

Any website built by Yell do not allow you to track visitors to the site through services such as Google Analytics. Instead Yell provides their own analytics program which collects very limited data, with no details on which websites are referring traffic to your site, nor do you get the data on individual page performance.

Further reading

There is much more that can be said about trusting your online advertising strategy to Yell and the basics mentioned above in no way cover all the reasons why businesses should avoid the web design and advertising services offered by Yell.

For a further read, it is worth checking out the report by well respected SEO consultant Andy Kinsey – “Yell.com Websites – A Waste of Space!”, or have a gander at the Web Designer Forum discussion on the costs of Yell websites.

Alternatively, if your stuck with a Yell site or you are looking to develop your online presence, we can help!

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