Last minute design requests? We’ve got your back! For most it is a sleepy Sunday morning, but for help! staff, we’re busy dealing with a last minute request that came from Cupar and North Fife Preservation Society.

A representative from the CNFPS got in touch asking if we could help update the contact details of their letterhead. Of course this wasn’t a problem, neither was it a problem that the work was required within a very short timescale. Sunday morning to be precise.

Not only did we have to recreate the letterhead in Photoshop from scratch, we updated their design (with the customers approval and at no extra charge).

The re-design will also allow the customer to easily have their letterhead updated in the future if necessary.

The work we turned around within the hour and we even managed to quickly update our website. Not bad for the early hours of a Sunday morning!

Now it’s time for a morning coffee and a wee trip to the Elie Deli for some lovely croissants (highly recommended).

We hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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